Assessment Of Farmers’ Access To Formal And Informal Maize Seed Input Chains In Semi-arid Kenya

Formal seed maize market chains have increasingly become important in supplying improved seed maize to farmers and thus aiding in combating hunger and food insecurity. Smallholder farmers in arid and semi-arid areas parts of Kenya can increase maize yields through the widespread use of improved hybrid maize varieties. Farmer access to improved germplasm, however, is limited. This is attributed to poor seed distribution and marketing in the rural areas.

The influence of organic mulches on weeds, diseases and growth of maize (zea maysl.).

Effects of three organic mulches with two intra-row weeding, conventional tillage with two hand weeding and an unweeded check on maize (Zea maysL.) growth, weeds and diseases associated with the maize crop were evaluated for two seasons. The experiment was conducted during the long and short rains of 1989 at Kabete Farm, University of Nairobi, Kenya. During the long rains, the organic mulches proved more effective in controlling annual weeds than the conventional tillage with hand-weeding.

Optical Characterization of Copper Oxide Thin Films Prepared By Reactive Dc Magnetron Sputtering For Solar Cell Applications

Cu2O thin films have been deposited using reactive dc magnetron sputtering technique using an Edward Auto 306 Magnetron Sputtering System. Transmittance and reflectance data in the range 300 nm-2500 nm were obtained using UV-VIS NIR Spectrophotometer Solid State 3700 DUV for all the thin films samples that were prepared. Transmittance values of above 70% were observed. The optical measurements were simulated using SCOUT 98 software to determine optical constants and optical bad gap of the thin.

Some performance aspects of seed maize processing operations

The processing of seed maize includes such activities like drying, shelling, cleaning, sizing or grading, chemical treatment and bagging. Most of these unit operations are capable of affecting the quality of seed if proper control is not instituted. The objective of this thesis is to analyse some performance aspects of an existing commercial seed maize processing plant of the Kenya Seed Company Limited. A good portion of this work has dealt with drying and damage to seed during shelling since it was felt that the two areas are more critical in the present situation.

Determination of Moisture and Temperature Variation in Wet Grains Over Time and Space to Effect Desiccant Drying

The aim of this study was to establish the best position to place super absorbent polymer (SAP)in an experimental granary for effective and economical drying. To achieve the aim of the study moisture migration and temperature distribution in stored wet grain was determined over time. Also determined was the best position for placing SAP in the silo for use in a direct solar drying grain silo. Results from experiments conducted were used to evaluate performance of the SAP in grain drying.

Beanfly Infestation on Common Bean

The population patterns of eggs, larvae and puparia on bean plants and leaf punctures made by adults were investigated during cropping (March-July; October-January) and noncropping (July-October) seasons at two sites in Kenya. Bean grown in noncropping seasons had more leaf punctures, eggs, larvae and puparia than bean grown in cropping seasons. Bean sown in noncropping seasons attracted unusually high beanfly populations from surrounding weeds as well as previous crops. Under field conditions, the Onhiomyi beanfly species, sencerella Greathead and 0.

Determinants of Profitability of Commercial Banks in Kenya

Commercial banks are important to the financial segment, particularly in developing economies where capital markets are not well developed and strong. Commercial Banks’ profitability is important because the soundness of an industry is closely connected to soundness of the whole economy. Profitability of the banking sector is also central as the well-being of the industry is closely associated with the wellness of the whole economy in general. Thus, a proficient and productive banking sector is able and better placed to endure negative economic shocks.

Radiation Measurements Mount Kenya, At Lewis Kenya

ABSTRACT. Short- and long-wave radiation on variously oriented vertical surfaces, direct solar radiation, global radiation, and long-wave radiation on a horizontal surface were measured on Lewis Glacier, Mount Kenya, at 4 800 m. For the orientation of vertical surfaces, the following azimuths were selected: 45°, facing the steep slope of the upper glacier; 135°, facing a rock ridge and some glacier surface in the foreground; 225°, facing down-glacier towards the Teleki valley with open sky occupying much of the view; and 315°, directed towards the steep south-east face of the Nelion peak.

Maize yield reduction due to erosion in a high potential area of Central Kenya highlands

The effect of cumulative soil loss on maize (Zea mays L.) growth and yield were investigated on a humicnitisol in Kenya during the 1993 long-rains (LR) and short-rains (SR). The runoff plots had been subjected to different levels of erosion from 1991 to 1992. The maize grain and above-ground dry matter (AGDMY) yields, crop height, and leaf area index (LAI) were measured in fertilised and non fertilised plots. Crop growth parameters were always greater in the least eroded plots.

Efficacy of iron-fortified whole maize flour on iron status of school children in Kenya:

Sodium iron edetic acid (NaFeEDTA) might be a more bioavailable source of iron than electrolytic iron, when added to maize flour. We aimed to assess the effect, on children's iron status, of consumption of whole maize flour fortified with iron as NaFeEDTA or electrolytic iron. 516 children, aged 3-8 years, from four schools in Marafa, Kenya, were randomly assigned to four groups. All were given the same amount of porridge five times a week.


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