Analysis of Root Mean Square Roughness of Microcrystalline Silicon Thin Films Using Scanning Probe Image Processor software

Electron transport and recombination has been investigated in dye-sensitized electrochemical solar cells at varying Ti02 film thickness using experimental electrochemical potential technique. Photocurrent transients resulting from small-amplitude square wave modulation of the incident light were analyzed, and the effect of illumination intensity and film thickness studied. Photovoltage decay measurements were studied on solar cells when switched from short-circuit and under illumination to open circuit and dark at varying illumination intensity for different film thickness.

Evaluation of the Viability of Solar and Wind Power System Hybridization for Safaricom Off-grid Gsm Base Station Sites

To enable people in remote marginalized areas, communicate with the rest of the world, it has been increasingly important for the telecommunication network providers to install transmitting base stations in these regions. The study focused on the use of a hybrid system consisting of diesel generator, the solar panels and wind turbine generator. Diesel generators provides energy all the time, whereas PV and wind are dependent on of solar radiation and wind speed, respectively.

Makueni District Profile: Crop Production And Marketing, 1988-1999

This profile describes the changes in policies affecting marketing and crop production in Makueni District since 1988. The creation of the district led to a larger market for milk and vegetables around Wote, but as yet there have been no substantial improvements in infrastructure. Liberalisation has freed up the trade in milk, grains and agricultural inputs, though the price effects are difficult to discern, due to loss of control over money supply and inflation during the 1990s. Most effects seem positive, the exception being the collapse of Makueni cotton ginnery.

Some implications of population growth and maize production in Kenya (1980-2000)

The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between the demand for maize and its production in the period 1980 to 2000. For this reason, population projections were calculated for a period 1980-2000 to estimate demand for maize for the period under consideration. Some assumptions are made regarding fertility and mortality trends as ~el1 as area and yield of land under maize cultivation. Recommendations will be suggested to ensure enough maize for the population in the future.

Effect of extracting solvents on the stability and performances of dye-sensitized solar cell prepared using extract from Lawsonia Inermis

Reddish-brown anthocyanins from Henna leaves (Lawsonia inermis) extracted in ethanol (A) and mixture of Ethanol and water in the ratio 4:1 by volume (B) were employed as TiO2 dye-sensitizers. Solar cells sensitized by extracts A achieved up to Jsc 1.870 mAcm−2, Voc 0.61V, FF 0.58 and η 0.66%, while for extract B sensitized cells the values determined were Jsc 1.35 mAcm−2, Voc 0.59V, FF 0.65 and η 0.52%. Long period stability in efficiency of the cells investigated revealed a drastic degradation of 13.64% in the efficiency of cell prepared using A

Agricultural development planning and policy in Uganda

The rate of economic development of an agricultural country such as Uganda la closely linked and mainly dependent on the rate of progress of the agricultural sector. The processes involved In transforming agriculture from semi—subsistence to commercial farming are such that during the transition stage, there is an urgent need for research Into economic, social and political problem of allocating scarce resources of capital, foreign exchange, skilled and managerial labour to development projects In such a way as to lead to the maximum attainment of development objectives.

An investigation of the family purchase decision making process

The study contained in this report investigated the relative influence of family members in making family purchase decisions. The husbands and wives were asked to rate their own influence on seven point semantic differential scale. After the data was collected, mean scores and proportions were computed and graphed .for comparison purposes. Further statistical analyses were also carried out using the spear mans rank correlation coefficient and' the t-test for paired observations.

Productivity of commercial banks in Kenya: a data envelopment analysis

Starting from 1980s and early 1990s Kenya introduced a series of financial reforms to boost the efficiency and productivity of Kenyan banks. This study examines changes in commercial banks productivity in Kenya in the context of liberalization using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). method. The study is in two stages; the first stage measures the productivity growth and its components while the second stage examines the factors affecting Total Factor Productivity (TFP) growth. From a time series dataset consisting of information on commercial bank activities obtained from Central Bank.

Guidelines for emergency livestock off-take handbook

Kenya’s agricultural sector accounts for 20–30% of the gross domestic product (GDP). Of this, the livestock sector alone makes a contribution of about 50%. Thus, livestock contributes heavily to the GDP and food security of its population. It also provides the necessary thrust for other forms of development in the country. Recent statistics indicate that currently over 50% of the country’s livestock population is based in the arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs), which form about 80% of the country’s land area.

Factors influencing service provision by cooperative societies in Kigumo District, Muranga County ,Kenya

Marketing cooperatives are important in the provision of credit both in cash, and delivery of various inputs including fertilizers, crop protection chemicals, and pumps for spraying crops and extension services. However, since the era of liberalization in the 1990s, these roles have diminished leading to low levels of satisfaction with cooperatives’ service delivery on the part of coffee farmers. Production quantities are erratic and farm level earnings from coffee are relatively low despite the recent rise in global prices of coffee.


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