Ceratitid fruitflies infesting fruit crops in Kenya

Between 1984 and 1988, a survey of fruit-infesting ceratitid fruitflies was conducted in 11 agricultural districts in Kenya. Samples of up to 18 different fruit crops were examined for infestation. The four species of fruitfly found were Ceratitis capitata, C. rosa (Pterandrus rosa), C. nigra (Trirhithrum coffeae) and C. cosyra (Pardalaspis cosyra). The first three were sympatric infestants of coffee, while the latter was exclusively found in mangoes. In addition, C. rosaalso infested loquat, guava and custard apple. C. capitata infested commercial orange cultivars. This species was predominant in the main arabica coffee growing areas in the central highlands. C. rosa and C. nigra were more widespread, occurring in high proportions in most parts of the country. Generally, the proportions of the three species per coffee sample, and the mean number of each species per kg of coffee, tended to vary considerably over time and space.